Dell Januss: a “Surface Phone” with Snapdragon 850 and Windows 10 ARM?

The rumored Surface Phone might not come from Microsoft but from one of its partners instead. This is what claims, citing sources closely related to a device whose code name is Dell Januss.

The latest Windows 10 SDK development kit provided clear evidence of this type of device, which in Dell’s case would be a model halfway between a smartphone and a tablet. It features a foldable dual screen connected with a hinge, and a third screen outside to use the device when folded.

Another novelty would be the Snapdragon 850 (a processor derived from the 845) that has an increase in frequency to up to 3 GHz and that is especially aimed at these type of devices. Continue reading…

Samsung creates the first 32GB DDR4 memory module for laptops

Samsung has announced a mass production for the first 32GB DDR4 SoDIMM RAM for laptops.

Samsung is aiming these modules at gaming laptops and mobile workstations, which are advanced devices that can replace desktop computers while remaining mobile.

Besides a larger capacity (32 GB in a single SoDIMM module), the company promises better speeds (11% faster) at up to 2,666 Mbps.

The company also promises better power efficiency. A 64GB laptop configured with two 32GB DDR4 modules would consume less than 4.6 watts in active mode and less than 1.4 watts when idle. This reduces power usage up to 39% compared to laptops featuring current 16 GB modules. Continue reading…

iOS 11.4 finally solves WhatsApp’s “black dot” bug

Yesterday, Apple launched the final version of iOS 11.4 via an OTA update. This new iOS version includes some interesting novelties detailed by the company itself. There are also some other features that have not been promoted as much, one of them being the definitive solution for WhatsApp and iMessage’s “black dot” bug.

iOS 11.4, just like iOS 11.3, is a minor update with a series of important novelties. This time around, the highlights are the support for iMessage in iCloud, AirPlay 2 and HomePod stereo pairs, among others. Likewise, the update also comes with a series of fixes and optimizations for the system, such as fixing the “black dot” bug found on WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps. Continue reading…

What is AMD StoreMi and how to transform your HDD into an SSD?

AMD StoreMi is an unexpected surprise that came along with the launch of X470 motherboards. According to AMD, this software creates tiered storage by blending an SSD unit and a HDD unit, boosting the speed of any operation done using the HDD unit.

Before explaining what AMD StoreMi is, we must explain what tiered storage is. This type of storage system is usually used in the IT sector, where storage devices are divided in categories/levels as if in a pyramid.

Therefore, we would find the fastest devices (which is where the users’ most commonly used data is stored) at the top of the pyramid. Then we have a second level where we find files that are not used as much, so accessing them quickly is not really important. Data files, which is data that is hardly ever used, are stored at the bottom level. It is common for these data files to be taken out of the servers and stored on other kind of places. Continue reading…

What are the phones and tablets’ Gorilla Glass screens made of?

The glass is one of the most common elements on a mobile device. As for phones, glass is an element that keeps growing in size, and today we are going to focus on the glass used on our devices’ touchscreen. Although we know that most phones and tablets’ touchscreens use a special glass that is more durable than that of our windows, we do not know what they are made of.

Tempered glass is currently the most widely used glass on our devices

The glass of our windows is much fragile than the one on our phones. A lot of users have accidentally dropped their last-gen smartphones, watching them drop slowly but surely to the ground. Luckily, a lot of users have felt relieved after picking up their phones and see that they still work. Continue reading…

How do screen privacy filters work?

If you use a computer in public places or while surrounded by people, then you might need some privacy when using your computer’s screen. This is why different companies have designed privacy filters that block prying eyes from looking at out screen. Do you want to know how do the filters work?

We can guarantee our privacy with filters.

A lot of people are constantly worried about the different ways of being spied through the PC via the webcam, keyboard and microphone. However, few users realize that the screen is a much more insecure element. Whether we are on a train, in an office or in class at the university, anyone can take a peek at out screen and know what we are doing.

To avoid this situation, many companies have created screen privacy filters. The idea behind these filters is to reduce viewing angles to the point where we would need to be right in front of the screen to see what is on it. These filters are used on ATMs so you can only see what is on screen if you are standing in front of it from the right angle (nobody around you will be able to see what you are doing). Continue reading…

Orange TV will air Roland Garros in 4K via Eurosport 4K

4K is at its prime. Movistar has unveiled the date of arrival and the price of the new 4K decoder that will come along with new content at that resolution. Moreover, Orange has announced that Orange Series 4K will arrive in early May. Today Orange TV has unveiled a new agreement that will allow users to see Roland Garros in 4K via Eurosport 4K.

Eurosport 4K on Orange TV exclusively for Roland Garros

The agreement signed between Orange TV and Discovery Networks will allow users to see the Eurosport 4K channel temporarily between May 27 and June 10. The channel will have the best image quality (4K) and sound (Dolby Digital 5.1) available on the market, and it will show all the matches played on the center court, which translates into around 100 hours of live tennis programming.

This is the first time that the Roland Garros matches will be aired live, a competition that will see Nadal as number one after winning the Masters 1000 Rome against Zverev. Continue reading…

Can I install Windows 10 April 2018 Update if I have an incompatible SSD?

A few days ago, we found out that users who had some SSD models could not install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update and that Microsoft was working on a fix to release a patch for the April update. The two affected brands are Intel and Toshiba, but it seems that the bug is finally being solved.

Intel and Toshiba SSDs were incompatible with Windows 10 April 2018 Update until now

The safest way to get the Windows’ biannual updates is to wait for them to roll out via Windows Update. The company knows which PCs are compatible with the update and which ones are trouble-free. However, Microsoft missed a few troublesome SSD models that would cause the PC to get stuck on the UEFI screen after restarting the system, go into a boot loop or show a black screen.

Among the affected Intel SSDs we have the Intel SSD 600p Series and Intel SSD Pro 6000p. A few days later, we found out that some Toshiba SSDs also had the same bug. The affected SSDs were the Toshiba XG4 Series, Toshiba XG5 Series and Toshiba BG3. At first, the bug was expected to be fixed on June 12, but it seems that the problem is now solved. Continue reading…