Samsung creates the first 32GB DDR4 memory module for laptops

Samsung has announced a mass production for the first 32GB DDR4 SoDIMM RAM for laptops.

Samsung is aiming these modules at gaming laptops and mobile workstations, which are advanced devices that can replace desktop computers while remaining mobile.

Besides a larger capacity (32 GB in a single SoDIMM module), the company promises better speeds (11% faster) at up to 2,666 Mbps.

The company also promises better power efficiency. A 64GB laptop configured with two 32GB DDR4 modules would consume less than 4.6 watts in active mode and less than 1.4 watts when idle. This reduces power usage up to 39% compared to laptops featuring current 16 GB modules.

Part of the improvement lies in the modules’ 10 nm manufacturing process in comparison to the previous model’s 20 nm. This is unsurprising. No one can touch Samsung, the leader in the semiconductor industry, when it comes to technology and production capacity

There are no launch dates yet. We suppose manufacturers will have these modules in their hands in a few months, meaning that we will see them featured in high-end gaming computers by year’s end. CES 2019 seems like a good place for these modules to be unveiled.