iOS 11.4 finally solves WhatsApp’s “black dot” bug

Yesterday, Apple launched the final version of iOS 11.4 via an OTA update. This new iOS version includes some interesting novelties detailed by the company itself. There are also some other features that have not been promoted as much, one of them being the definitive solution for WhatsApp and iMessage’s “black dot” bug.

iOS 11.4, just like iOS 11.3, is a minor update with a series of important novelties. This time around, the highlights are the support for iMessage in iCloud, AirPlay 2 and HomePod stereo pairs, among others. Likewise, the update also comes with a series of fixes and optimizations for the system, such as fixing the “black dot” bug found on WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps.

iOS 11.4 fixes WhatsApp’s “black dot” bug

A bug that quickly went viral came out in early May. We are talking about WhatsApp’s “black dot” bug, which soon made its way into iMessage.

Said bug, which is based on a Unicode bug, was caused by a message consisting of a black dot emoji. This bug was used to prank those who took the bait. If you tapped the emoji, WhatsApp or iMessage would crash. This bug scared people because a lot of them thought that they had damaged their phones.

Fixing other iOS 11.3 annoying issues

Apple has fixed the “black dot” bug after releasing the latest iOS 11.4 update. Therefore, if you already received the OTA iOS 11.4 update, you do not have to worry about WhatsApp or iMessage’s “black dot” bug because it no longer affects your iPhone. This fix was nothing but expected because Apple had already featured it in their latest iOS 11.4 beta.

Likewise, the new iOS 11 version deals with other major issues that annoyed users, such as iMessages appearing out of order and apps hovering out of place above folders and other apps on the Home screen. Luckily for users, iOS 11.4 fixes these issues.