How do screen privacy filters work?

If you use a computer in public places or while surrounded by people, then you might need some privacy when using your computer’s screen. This is why different companies have designed privacy filters that block prying eyes from looking at out screen. Do you want to know how do the filters work?

We can guarantee our privacy with filters.

A lot of people are constantly worried about the different ways of being spied through the PC via the webcam, keyboard and microphone. However, few users realize that the screen is a much more insecure element. Whether we are on a train, in an office or in class at the university, anyone can take a peek at out screen and know what we are doing.

To avoid this situation, many companies have created screen privacy filters. The idea behind these filters is to reduce viewing angles to the point where we would need to be right in front of the screen to see what is on it. These filters are used on ATMs so you can only see what is on screen if you are standing in front of it from the right angle (nobody around you will be able to see what you are doing).

How do privacy filters work?

These filters work similarly to blinds: if you stand in front of them, you will be able to see what is on the other side; if you stand on a side, you will only see the blinds. The main reason to use this example lies in the fact that manufacturers modeled their technology upon blinds.

These filters feature a lot of slats that hide the on-screen information when viewed from a side angle of more than 30 degrees.

Companies like HP know about this, so they have decided to feature this technology in their laptops. By doing so, companies prevent users from sticking third-party filters onto the screen. Besides, a brand’s built-in filter can be enabled and disabled to use it when necessary.

The option offered by laptop companies to enable and disable the filter is highly beneficial for users. When the filter is enabled, the screen is dimmed as if we were seeing it through micro blinds.