Dell Januss: a “Surface Phone” with Snapdragon 850 and Windows 10 ARM?

The rumored Surface Phone might not come from Microsoft but from one of its partners instead. This is what claims, citing sources closely related to a device whose code name is Dell Januss.

The latest Windows 10 SDK development kit provided clear evidence of this type of device, which in Dell’s case would be a model halfway between a smartphone and a tablet. It features a foldable dual screen connected with a hinge, and a third screen outside to use the device when folded.

Another novelty would be the Snapdragon 850 (a processor derived from the 845) that has an increase in frequency to up to 3 GHz and that is especially aimed at these type of devices.

This processor would be the one used by HP, Lenovo, ASUS and Dell on their second-gen Always Connected PCs, which are expected to be launched by the end of the year. The first attempts of using Windows 10 ARM were dead on arrival. The results with the Snapdragon 835, which was especially designed for phones, were simply disappointing.

If we add the need of running Win32 apps and the system’s limitations to that, you can imagine the platform’s current state.

We still see no future for these Always Connected devices because you can get the full Windows 10 version on Intel and AMD devices for the same price. Besides, the arrival of eSIMs and 5G would render the slogan pointless. Leaving the PC behind and using the platform on the Dell Januss or other types of Surface Phones may actually make sense.